Sunday, February 6, 2011

Goodbye India and welcome in Malaysia

Guys, I know... it has been a too long time since I was updating you on my life and travel adventures, but as you can imagine, a lot happened and prevented me from writing. Today is the 5th February 2011, Chinese new year just took place and I´m right now sitting in a train station in the centre of Jakarta, Indonesia. As I said, my last login is long ago and it seems that ages have passed, but I will try to tell you everything what happened since then. Hopefully I will find the time to type all the articles, which I wrote on paper during the travel through India and Malaysia...

Today, I will give you an overview, what has happened in the last weeks and month and soon you can read about each and every step alined in the right time order. So let us start in Delhi!

My intership in the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) officially finished on the 26th November 2010, but due to my delay in returning from a trip to the North-East of India and the exceeding of my holidays, as well as some interesting field trips in beginning of December, I joined GTZ for one more week. After all it was an very interesting internship, which I can highly recommend to everybody who wants to learn about the structures, mandates and engagement of Germany within Development Cooperation with India (or other countries). GTZ offers a sound package with insight into its operational and strategic work, the respective project work especially, participation in internal and also international-level processes, in interesting field trips, the fostering of contacts and additionally financial and organisational support of your stay. You will not be the coffee boy for anybody and develop soft skills and learn from experiences. Beside some long days and weeks at work, you also get enough holidays for recovering or exploring the country.The fact that I am recently started another internship in the now called GIZ (in the Small Hydro Power Project in Indonesia) proves that I enjoyed it!

In the very early morning of 6th December 2011 I had said good by to my friends in Delhi and was ready to start my big India travels, which took me on a journey through the magical world of Rajasthan, showed me the buzzing city life of Bombay, let me make good friends, made me read books again (reading White Tiger and Shantaram in India is a very good combination), drove me up and down, made me relaxed on the beaches in Goa over Christmas, lead me to the mystique Hampi for bouldering over New Years and made me say goodbye in Bangalore. Six month has passed then, but I did not feel like leaving India, nor Asia. But due to my visa I had to leave for at least 2 month, so some weeks in advance I was applying for the above mentioned project in Indonesia. Since I knew that I got into it, I was planning to take 2 weeks off in Malaysia and be in Jakarta by the end of January. Read about my stops in the following map in a few days...

1) Kuala Lumpur
2) Taman Negara National Park
3) Cameron Highlands
4) Penang
5) Kota Kinabalu
6) Kota Belud
7) Mount Kinabalu

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