Friday, July 30, 2010

How the story begins

My dear friends and blog followers, after my first 6 days in Delhi passed by really quickly I finally found some time to give a life sign. This will be the opening post of and you can follow me on my 4-month internship and life in Delhi and some travelling through this stunning country afterwards.

But let’s start at the beginning. My wish to be in India occurred so long ago, that I actually don’t remember how the idea has risen in me. Being in the final year of my studies in Industrial Engineering and Management you can think that I wanted to be out on an adventure again before I start my professional life. I cannot disagree with that, but it is a way more. The reasons of the financial and economic crisis in the past years on the one hand combined with my understanding of sustainability on the other hand also took their share by bringing me here. In my opinion you really have to see the world from as much as possible different angles and especially from one of the world’s poorest views. If we get the opportunity to follow this vision, then we shouldn’t act blind or wonder why we life so well. Anyway, I guess ‘Siddhartha’ also had his influence on me and finally there was my stay in Australia, where I food myself in a similar world as the Europe where I’m from. But I wanted more…

A long time ago (as in the meaning of ‘Once upon the time’) I applied for an internship in the Indo-German-Energy-Programme at the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), but by the time I still didn’t get into it. It all happened about 2 weeks ago, when I thought to call them the last time. And there it was. I got offered a place in the Indo-German-Energy-Forum, which is a sub project of the above and located in Delhi. Being patient was the best thing I could do, or how a friend of mine commented it: “You treated the universe well, so now it’s treating you well!” From then one everything came pretty fast, but this is how it usually goes, when it’s time for me to go.

At last I have to admit that I’ve never been in India, never in Asia nor in a developing country. It will probably change my view on the world, and for you there will be insights into the Indian life and probably funny stories from a clumsy German.

On the weekend I will post the first entry on my arrival and first impressions...